Invoice Process Management

Do you need easily process incoming invoices in various formats and keep track of the status of their approval?

We will help you to automate the entire processing of incoming invoices, from their reception to the booking in the SAP system, regardless of their format. We support the electronic exchange of documents in all common formats.

Do you want to save resources and have the necessary documents always readily available?

By shortening the time for searching, data editing and invoice transfer you will save significant resources and you will have important information available for immediate decision-making and swift communication with customers or suppliers. In addition, you will avoid potential risks of missed payment deadlines and will improve your cash flow.

Invoice Process Management (IPM)

We offer a unique solution for your SAP system, which ensures comprehensive management and unambiguous storage of all incoming invoices regardless of whether they came in paper form or electronically, their electronic archiving in accordance with applicable legislation and full automatic processing. This process includes digitization and data acquisition using flexible outsourcing or by setting up a scanning and data retrieval department within your company, as well as invoice approval workflow and custom booking procedures with online access to the relevant electronic document or scanned original.

IPM is not just a technical solution for managing incoming invoices, but also a comprehensive service with which you will no longer have to worry about in what form your suppliers send invoices. You will always find the document in the SAP system in the same place and in the same form.

The main benefits of the IPM solution

  • Reducing the cost of processing incoming invoices and other incoming and outgoing business documents
  • Unambiguous recording of documents and elimination of the risk of losing them
  • Simplification, improvement of speed and transparency of the approval process distributed to multiple sites
  • Cost savings for copying, archiving and information searching
  • Electronic archiving in accordance with legislation
  • Rapid deployment, usually within 3 months

IPM solution covers the complete invoice processing

Document Cockpit for SAP for recording and processing of all incoming and outgoing documents in SAP

Effective processing and recording of all incoming and outgoing documents in SAP is from a certain quantity a daunting task. Therefore we have developed a module Document Cockpit for SAP, which provides complete recording and processing of all incoming and outgoing documents, user friendly presentation and centralized processing.

With Document Cockpit module for SAP, you will have all your important business documents readily available, you can sort them as you wish and then just set the desired processing method. Invoices with data validation can be automatically posted, searched, viewed, sorted, returned to the supplier in e-mail, corrected, manually posted, automatically re-processed or sent to workflow for approval.

The module uses a workflow executed either directly in SAP or in the external systems such as OpenText CLM, Microsoft SharePoint and others.

Increase the functionality of your SAP system by effectively working with the documents! Contact us, we are ready to consult with your specific requirements.

Flexible outsourcing of the incoming documents processing

You do not need to purchase an expensive technology, train staff and keep them busy operating the technology. We provide a service for unambiguous recording and processing of all incoming invoices and other key documents, regardless of their original format. We scan paper documents in our digitization center and retrieve necessary data using intelligent OCR technologies.

The result will be valid data for your SAP system and the assurance that all incoming invoices will be demonstrably transmitted to the SAP system for their processing, such as approval, booking, etc.

Select a scope of outsourcing the processing of incoming invoices and other important business documents according to your actual needs.

Invoice Process Management