SAP Industry solutions

Does your current economic and information system have limited functionality without the possibility of integration and further development?

We will provide you with comprehensive industry-specific solutions on the SAP platform, which will help you get the perfect overview and control over events in the company, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We have been SAP partner for more than 20 years and during this long relationship, completed the highest level certifications, implemented a number of significant projects and have gained detailed knowledge of business processes in retail and manufacturing companies.

We provide industry solutions S2AP which are a combination of ERP system SAP S/4 HANA that integrates the best practices in selected sectors, our long term experience from specific projects, detailed knowledge of the processes in these companies and self-development in order to provide to our customer solutions with the highest added value.

What are our strongest fields?

Food and Process Industry

We understand production processes in the food industry and have extensive experience in meat processing. In our solutions we use functionality and settings specific to this field, such as the use of multiple units of measure, reverse bills of material, production quality management and more.

Read more about the S2AP for Food solution.

Retail and Logistics

We hold professional know-how of retail, wholesale and logistics processes. Our solutions utilize the functionality of typical commercial and transportation markets such as retail and logistics economy management, supplier relationship management, POS system, transportation planning, and more.

Read more about the Retail solution.


We have an experience from a range of SAP ERP rollout projects in the automotive industry, which adheres to local needs and characteristics. Our solutions are based on best practices and setting for planning and production management, warehouse management, quality control and other key areas based on the needs of the manufacturers in this industry.

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SAP Industry solutions