SAP Business Analytics

Business Analytics solutions based on the SAP platform include a process-oriented approach to improve the quality of decision-making processes based on the goals and visions of the company or other strategic indicators across the organization.

Correctly deployed Business Analytics provides to all levels of management in your company highly effective integrated management and decision making tools that will significantly increase the efficiency and hence prosperity.

SAP Business Analytics provides a framework for all business processes, methodologies, metrics and system tools necessary to control a well-functioning company.

What are the main benefits of Business Analytics solutions?

  • Strategic management of the company or organization
  • Planning and creating realistic budgets
  • Making accurate predictions of future events (forecasts)
  • Maximizing profitability and cost optimization
  • Trusted reporting and analysis in time
  • Easier incorporating of people into corporate culture based on data analysis

What are the main areas we offer?


We provide professional tools for presenting and analyzing data using interactive dashboards and analytical reports. Customers often use management cockpits, monitoring of the current status of important indicators, deviations from the plan, printed reports, etc. Basically it is information management - a comprehensive management reporting process throughout the whole organization.

Business Intelligence

For our customers we capitalize on our long experience in the implementation of data warehouses and subsequent reporting. We use robust solutions based on the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) platform. For reporting layer we utilize the SAP Business Objects, which can also be connected to non SAP systems and even directly to the transactional system. Another interesting option is the SAP HANA Analytics platform.

Planning and Consolidation

We also offer solutions for planning and consolidation of strategic indicators of the company or organization based on the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) platform.

In the case of financial consolidation we have unification of results across the entire organization, including the setting of the consolidation process and the support of various accounting standards. Planning then typically involves creating budgets, forecasts at different levels (cost center, account, etc.).


An increasingly important feature of modern BI systems includes mobile reporting independent of platform. Modern BI solution allows creation of reports optimized for mobile devices - popular iPads or iPhones, tablets and smartphones based on Android platform or lately expanding Windows. Managers can check in a few seconds the actual trading results or perform defined approval processes, for example immediately approve an order.

Risk Management

In contemporary turbulent environment, the risks are typical side-effect of the functioning of the organizations. Risk Management is area focusing on the analysis of potential risks and their reduction using various methods of prevention.

For these purposes we offer our customers the product SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), which enables effective management of the risk of inappropriate operations in the information system.

Write to us, our consultants have a lot of experience in Business Analytics area and they are ready to respond to your specific requirements.

SAP Business Analytics