Accelerate business processes, deliver more intelligence, and simplify your IT environment with SAP HANA

We will help you keep pace with the tremendous speed of progress in information technologies and fully utilize their potential. We provide you with innovative SAP tools for efficient and flexible management of the company.

SAP HANA is a flexible, multi-purpose, in-memory technology, which instead of processing and storing data on hard drives does all these processes in memory, which greatly speeds up data access. This makes it possible to analyze large volumes of data and to provide results in a matter of seconds.

SAP HANA can be used for modeling different scenarios, analysis of the change impact on the entire organization structure and simulation of the consequences for business processes. This will help you to better understand your projects and their profitability, enables you to compare all your data from virtually any source and allows you to make informed decisions in real time. This technology also reduces the complexity of IT environment, improves business performance and reduces overall operating costs.

Benefits of SAP HANA:

  • Better and faster decision making with immediate access to a larger range of data and rapid search in real time
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through faster data processing and the ability to create custom reports and "ad hoc" real-time analysis in Microsoft Excel without the need for assistance from IT department
  • Significant increase of innovation and growth potential due to the possibility of implementing new business scenarios and opportunities
  • Higher return and investment protection (ROI) - a secure and long-term investment thanks to a complete solution from a single vendor with guaranteed ongoing development

Get the latest, most powerful SAP HANA platform without having to invest into hardware or hire professional staff.

In cooperation with our partner, we provide the flexible service of procuring the latest hardware infrastructure for SAP HANA and more, including basis administration and preventive maintenance. Read more.

We already have proven experience how to support the client's success using the technology of SAP HANA. We offer cooperation to other companies that are waiting for this opportunity. Are you one of them? Contact us, we are happy to visit you and present you the real business solutions based on SAP HANA.

Sabris has implemented 3 exceptional SAP HANA projects over the past two years

Sabris implemented first SAP S/4HANA in the CEE region for Marvinpac CZ

As part of its international growth and with the aim of meeting the growing customer needs, Marvinpac CZ, a subsidiary of Marvinpac SA, a Swiss company providing primary and secondary product packaging services, decided to implement the latest SAP S/4HANA corporate applications in finance and logistics.

The rapid implementation of the SAP S/4HANA standard required intense collaboration and efficient communication between the Sabris and Marvinpac teams. Deploying a completely new solution according to the SAP Activate methodology was also a challenge for Sabris. We had to move away from established practices and especially shift our thinking from document-oriented to process-oriented.

For me, as the company director, SAP represents investment protection going forward into the future. By deploying SAP, we are increasing our company’s prestige and credibility in relation to clients, auditors and other institutions. Moreover, we urgently needed a robust logistics management tool, which SAP S/4HANA reliably performs," says Jan Vrátil, Director of Marvinpac CZ. More information in the press release.

Sabris implemented SAP Business Suite on HANA-based “Just in time in Retail” solution for E-commerce Holding ("

The solution was agilely implemented over the course of eight months and covered finance and logistics, including warehouse management and EDI communications.

  • Operational reference to SAP Business Suite on HANA
  • Progressive use of SAPUI5 in developing key business applications
  • Unique synthesis of Sabris Best practices in Food & Retail
  • Watch a short video on YouTube: on SAP Business Suite on HANA

Sabris is 1st SAP partner in CZ to develop customer solution based on SAP HANA technology

The e-shop keeps records of every good it has in stock, all the way down to single units. Transitioning the management cockpits to SAP HANA has made it possible to display real-time information, such as the number of unfinished shipments or productivity for individual staff members. The management cockpits also display critical values throughout the entire system and make it possible to monitor numbers of single- and multi-item purchases, carriers’ time slots and a wide range of other data. As a result, managers can immediately take action if any problems arise.