System integration
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System integration

The concept of system integration crystallizes in the long term and its meaning evolves over time.

In the context of today's knowledge we can define the following types of system integration:

  • The long-term process involving the integration of individual business intents
  • The long-term process of integrating fragmented heterogeneous information systems that the company uses, develops or introduces
  • Integration within a single project, where are implemented new components of the information system (SW, HW, Business processes in IS, ...)
  • Technical interconnection of heterogeneous components of the information system

To each type can be assigned services used for implementation:

  • Business consulting focused on development strategy
  • IT consultancy focused on the development of the IS architecture
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Implementation of integration components

Each type of system integration then also requires the appropriate tools.

Any project that includes system integration must consider different levels corresponding to the various types - the strategic level, architectural level, project management level and technological level. The specific objective of the project then defines amount of emphasis (weight) that must be placed on each level.

As part of our services in the field of system integration at the ICT level we handle combination of different software components (subsystems) into one functioning entity with the aim of working as efficiently as possible. Our company constitutes the guarantee of successful implementation and integration.

Thanks to our many years of experience, high-quality team of consultants, project managers and architects and deep knowledge of business processes of our customers, we are able to create an optimal combination of processes, applications, technologies, software and hardware that will cover your current and future needs in the best ratio of cost vs. performance and stability.

System integration