Testing services

An important but often underestimated part of any successful implementation project is testing that confirms that the solution meets its functional requirements and is also consistent with the general requirements of the specific IT environment.

A well-tested solution reduces project risks, increases performance and stability of information technologies and reduces the overall cost of maintenance.

We offer a wide range of tests:

  • Tests of user interface, which tests the robustness and quality of application for different user inputs.

  • Unit tests for testing the components and their interface methods, including testing of algorithms and communication between components.

  • Install tests that check the status of the system before and after installation and subsequent uninstallation. In addition they check the installation process and its result, if the application was installed successfully.

  • Stress tests for testing the critical states of the application, and define its performance maximum.

  • Cooperation tests of modules, so called integration tests focused on the functioning of the application as a whole.

  • Application usability tests that checks whether the application control is intuitive, targeting the right group of users, etc.

Testing Services

We provide professional services in the area of outsourcing of software testing, which cover the entire test process. From the preparation of test plan and test environment, through the execution of tests of all functionalities, to final summary report with test results and description of the errors found.

For customers who do not want or cannot implement testing processes in-house we offer outsourcing of our own specialists and testers who have expertise in the specific industries and extensive experience in software testing.

With test outsourcing you receive a guarantee of objectivity during testing and timely and clear reports customized to your specific needs, including the precise categorization of errors. Contact us.

Testing services