Lease of the development team

Are you facing lack of capacity of your own development team? Do you need to find experts with knowledge of specific technologies for the development of large software solutions?

We offer for hire highly skilled professionals, who are ready to participate in your projects, bring in know-how in your field and help you meet your deadlines.

We offer individual specialists as well as a whole development team built to suit your needs, including development manager that will oversee the implementation of the assignment and will ensure usage of the full capacity of the team according to current project requirements. In the development area we focus mainly on technologies from SAP, Microsoft and OpenText.

In addition to outsourcing of specialists we also provide our customers with a complete service for custom application development - from the initial phase of analysis, solution design and a prototype (even before the start of development) to integration with the existing systems and subsequent full technical support.

We offer qualified and proven experts in these positions:

  • analysts, business analysts and consultants
  • solution architects
  • programmers - from juniors to seniors
  • testers - from juniors, through analysts to methodological leaders
  • development team managers and project managers

Based on the profile you require we can prepare a quote customized to your needs. To learn more, please contact us.

Advantages of hiring a development team and specialists:

  • Ability to focus on the main activity of your business (development only as a supportive process)
  • Flexible adaptation of human resources to the current state of the project (no need for recruitment and subsequent closure of positions)
  • Better resource planning (distribution optimization of the participants’ working capacity)
  • Cost savings necessary to create a well-coordinated team of specialists including their training
  • Guarantee of expertise and high work effort
  • Ensured quality service at a fixed price
Lease of the development team