Sabris Support Center

We provide continuous support for our customers through our own Sabris Support Center.

We offer professional application and system support for SAP, OpenText, TreeINFO for SharePoint and other technologies and solutions in different modes, including an international level.

Detailed scope of support is defined on the basis of the signed support contract or SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The main offered services include:

  • Solving urgent operational IS problems of our customer
  • Support for the creation of conceptual solutions and the improvement of customer systems
  • Management of requirements
  • Hotline services
  • Preventive services
  • Providing support for third party products
  • Other services related to support according to customer needs

We have our own system for tracking of open tasks (Sabris TIM), which is used mainly for:

  • management and administration of requirements, including archiving
  • monitoring and management of SLA parameters
  • sharing of our know-how
  • management of smaller development projects
  • management of complaints

The creation and development of the Support Center, covering the entire support system for all customer processes, and its extension for foreign clients has been implemented using the EU grant projects in 2009-2013.
Learn more about our grant projects.

Contact for our customers:

Internet (Sabris Helpdesk):
Sabris Support Center