Development of mobile solutions is currently the area of the most important growth in information technologies.

With mobile technology, you have access to the newest logistics data, remotely log into the corporate network, review the current customer data, process and edit documents or organize meetings.

We will help you to develop a strategy for mobility use for your specific processes, recommend appropriate devices including their administration, operation and security and subsequently implement the most appropriate mobile applications.

We are a partner of SAP Company, which offers a variety of mobile applications in the area of​ ERP, CRM, SCM and Business Analytics. Our team consists of experienced and trained specialists with deep knowledge of products and mobile development platforms from SAP.

The most common usage scenarios for mobility:

  • Mobile sales (support for sale representatives, appointments, orders, etc.)
  • Mobile maintenance, including the area of utilities (readings, disconnections, etc.)
  • Mobile service (support for service visits at customers)
  • Mobile support for delivery of goods (supplies, orders, invoicing, cash)
  • Mobile purchase (support for buyers, shopping basket)
  • Mobile inventory (support for warehouse management, inventory, stock counts)
  • Mobile supporting applications for entering business trips and work reporting
  • Mobile business intelligence (enhanced reporting and analysis)

For specific requirements we are able to prepare the design and subsequent implementation of custom mobile applications that suit your needs.

Do you want to start using mobility in your company? Contact us, we will help you choosing the processes where the mobility achieves the greatest benefits, and subsequently implement the appropriate solutions.

We helped our customer POS Media to implement mobile application for SAP Business One that allows their management to have reports, contract summaries or performance of key status indicators on their iPhones.

We also provide mobile applications in the area of Enterprise Content Management, where we offer for example OpenText Everywhere, a modern solution for sharing information and documents across mobile devices, or mobile applications for accessing information in Microsoft SharePoint.

More and more popular is becoming mobile reporting for BI solutions that allows creation of reports optimized for access from mobile devices. Managers can easily and quickly check the actual trading results or perform defined approval processes.

Main benefits of enterprise mobility:

  • Productivity increase
  • Higher availability of information and faster decision-making processes
  • Faster resolutions to specific problems
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Shortening of the sales cycle
  • Reducing of the staff costs
  • Improving market position