SAP Information Lifecycle Management

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) extends the standard functionality of SAP data archiving so that the data management corresponds to the internal, external and legislative requirements for data retention and their destruction over time.

ILM supports two basic activities:

  • Retention Management
  • Management of data over time

  • System Decommissioning
  • Shutting down unused systems

Core of the data management over time is the standard SAP data archiving using archiving objects for removal of the original data from the system database. The archived data (as well as documents and other objects) can then be assigned rules that determine where the data are stored, how long are available and when they can be removed.

Shutting down unused systems allows to securely store data from decommissioned systems, set the rules for managing them over time and make them available using Business Intelligence tools.

Benefits of SAP ILM:

  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements for data retention over time
  • Compliance with the requirements for protection of personal data
  • Data management, which must be retained for trial purposes
  • Reducing the operational costs of the decommissioned systems while keeping access to their data
SAP Information Lifecycle Management