Data archiving in SAP

Operation of any SAP system should include proper management of historical data that accumulate in the system, causing an increase in the database size and related problems in system administration and growth of cost. Using efficient archiving ensures that such data can be stored for long time or permanently in line with legislation and internal regulations. If necessary, the data can still be easily provided to users.

For the data archiving in SAP we supply OpenText tools that are now an integral part of SAP's product portfolio. Beside the actual implementation we also provide initial analysis, prepare long-term archiving concepts and provide effective system resources for easy storage and access to archived data.

When implementing archiving for our customers we follow specialized methodology, which ensures creation of an optimal solution.

The implementation of a comprehensive archiving consists of two basic steps:


  • Execution of data analysis - selection of archive objects
  • Definition of archive objects
  • Determination of the archiving / retention period

Execution of archiving:

  • Creation of archiving concept
  • Determining data access, creation of display and search pattern and forms
  • Proof of concept on a test environment
  • Archiving on a production system

Contact our specialists, they will recommend you the most appropriate archiving strategy for your company.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Reduction of the production database volume and thus reducing the maintenance cost
  • Increase in speed ​​ and efficiency of the transaction operations
  • Comfortable user access to the production and archived data in SAP
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements for data retention
  • Compliance with personal data protection requirements
  • Management of data that must be retained for the trial purposes
  • Lowering cost of unused system while keeping access to their data

When implementing archiving solutions and data management in SAP we use mainly these products:

Data archiving in SAP