Document management in SAP

In the SAP system, we specialize in processing documents throughout their lifecycle, support for approval processes in the workflow, secure electronic archiving of data and documents and integration with other systems.

We provide standard products from the SAP portfolio, including:

We implement specialized solutions for selected areas of document processing in SAP:

  • Invoice Process Management (IPM)
  • Unique solution for comprehensive management and unambiguous tracking of all incoming invoices regardless of whether they came in paper form or electronically, their electronic archiving in accordance with applicable legislation and full automatic processing (digitization, data extraction, documentation, invoice approvals and posting allowing online access to the relevant electronic document).

  • Automatic processing of incoming invoices in the ISDOC format
  • The solution allows automatic reception of invoices sent to the specified e-mail address, separation of ISDOC document from the mail, verification, creation of an electronic image of the invoice, storage of the invoice image and data into electronic archive, data transmission and subsequent automatic processing in SAP.

  • Automatic creation of invoices in the ISDOC format
  • The solution provides automatic creation of invoices in the ISDOC format for defined customers and well-arranged storage of these invoices and all related documents in SAP (information about document status, email confirmation and others).

  • OpenText Employee File Management (EFM)
  • Solution which ensures well-organized storage and immediate availability of all relevant personnel documents using electronic files of staff in the SAP system. It also greatly supports and accelerates all processes associated with these documents.

In the area of electronic document processing we have a number of additional modules for SAP that allow us to very efficiently create customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

Main areas related to SAP that we deal with:

  • Electronic archiving and linking of documents to SAP objects
  • Electronic archiving of outgoing documents from SAP
  • Storage and management of any documents and data in a very well-arranged layout, in terms of processes, not transactions.
  • Ability to create specific custom views for quick search of the documents
  • Searching for documents and data based on attributes
  • Approval of documents in the workflow inside and outside of SAP (for example invoice approval)
  • Enabling access to documents for users who do not have access to a specific SAP module
  • Ability to manage documents that are not directly related to SAP entities (for example contracts, correspondence, etc.). From one place is it possible to access documents attached to the SAP objects as well as documents outside of SAP (for example customer directories)
  • Share documents between SAP and ECM, i.e. between SAP users and employees who do not have access to SAP

Main benefits of our solutions:

  • More efficient work with SAP system
  • Integrated solution for content management for SAP users
  • Easy access to documents for users directly from SAP environment
  • Native integration of transactional and unstructured data
  • Support for processing inside and outside of SAP
  • Expanding the capabilities of SAP in the area of efficient electronic archiving in accordance with legislation
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Document management in SAP