Document Management and ECM
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Document Management and Enterprise
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Document Management and ECM

In the area of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Sabris provides the world's leading technology OpenText for document management, information sharing and support for processes including the implementation of pre-built specialized solutions and effective integration with other systems. More information can be found on: OpenText ECM.

For companies using Microsoft SharePoint we offer integrated ECM extension system with ready-made solutions for the most often required areas of work with documents. More information can be found on: ECM for SharePoint.

For secure electronic archiving in accordance with the legislation we use trusted data repository that provides an authorized electronic conversion of documents including support for electronic signatures and time stamps. More information can be found on: Trusted electronic archive or Data archiving in SAP.

We have experience from many implementations of ECM solutions, also at an international level. OpenText products for SAP are now an integral part of SAP's portfolio. We have been implementation partner of SAP since 1994.

With our detailed knowledge of ERP and ECM environments we offer our SAP customers a unique competence in document management solutions with a link to the SAP system. More information can be found on: Document management in SAP.

For process unification in the company, simplifying and speeding up of approval we use effective workflow tools. More information can be found on: Process optimization and workflow.

We also provide a complete solution for document digitizing and extracting data from structured and unstructured documents using OCR, ICR and OMR technologies Abbyy, Kofax or OpenText, either as outsourced service (in our digitizing center DocuPoint) or by setting up scanning system at the customer site. More information can be found on: Digitization and data extraction from documents.

Are you interested in ECM and legislation on electronic documents? Sign up to professional ECM conference DOCURIDE, which we annually organize in cooperation with leading experts in the field of electronic archiving and digital documents authenticity.

Document Management and ECM