Process optimization and workflow

We offer expert assistance in the analysis and mapping of processes in your company. We will recommend appropriate workflow and comprehensive Business Process Management systems for electronic support and processes automation to increase their efficiency, improve the organization of work, reduce the cost of corporate resources and achieve better results.

Company management is increasingly based on processes that work with data stored in a variety of systems, and on the effective participation of people in these processes. To ensure company's success it is necessary to effectively set up and monitor required processes and allow managers to make quick and correct decisions based on the available information.

We provide solutions for full automation of the creation, processing, commenting, approval and distribution of documents in the company. For the processes we mainly use workflow systems from OpenText and Nintex, whose main asset is a quick and easy process design, its support and conversion to electronic realm. The result is a simple and fast work with documents.

You can use workflow for example in the following areas:

We are ready to solve your specific requirements and develop a workflow that suits your needs. Using the cutting edge technologies and our team of programmers, we are able to offer you specialized custom solutions.

We also provide a comprehensive solution for Business Process Management from process analysis through simulation and optimization to processes automation, case management, sophisticated reporting and analysis based on the product OpenText BPM. If you would like to know more, contact us.

The main benefits of our solutions:

  • Unification of the processes in the company
  • Simplification, speed and transparency increase of the approval processes
  • Immediate transfer of documents among workers and multiple sites
  • Ability to quickly and flexibly respond to the immediate situation and trends
  • Faster and better response to the tasks (eliminating time delays)
  • Fast return on investment


Effective solutions for electronic forms

Business processes often use different types of forms, which are filled by employees or business partners and later further processed. Typically they undergo approval and then other activities are performed based on these forms.

We offer comprehensive solutions Nintex Forms for electronic forms from their definition and design, through processing, filling up the approval itself, which can be used, for example, for contracts, agreements, applications, application forms, filing, data boxes, delivery orders, directives, etc.

Process optimization and workflow