SAP Extended ECM by OpenText

For comprehensive management of unstructured content in the SAP system we provide one of the world's most widely used ECM product SAP Extended ECM by OpenText, fully integrated into the SAP environment, which allows comprehensively manage all corporate documents and information, link them with transaction data stored in the SAP system and make them available to all users, whether they are using SAP or not.

Besides the implementation and localization of the system we provide ready-made solutions for various areas of document processing and special expansion modules. More on page: Document management in SAP

Extended ECM extends the capabilities of your SAP, which is mostly focused on transactions, with complex document management functionality in terms of business processes including archiving and management of fixed records (Records Management) and collaboration tools that enable the sharing of experience and knowledge within the company.

Connect the worlds of ERP and ECM in a single solution!

Integrate content of the SAP modules and non-SAP applications and access them using a uniform approach with intuitive user-defined views that suit your needs.

SAP users access the documents and data as they are used to - via SAP user interface. Non-SAP users access the same data from native environment of Extended ECM product’s thin client.

Part of Extended ECM is a secure electronic repository for company-wide content, including documents and data from SAP modules. For specific documents is ensured readability and verifiability according to legal requirements for decades (based on defined retention period).

Complete functionality for document management in SAP:

  • Support document creation process ( check- in, check -out, versioning, change tracking and state of development )
  • Creating documents from templates
  • Support for incoming paper documents and their linking to the SAP objects (support for digitization, high-volume scanning and document capturing )
  • Access to non-SAP documents in the SAP environment
  • Ability to approve documents in workflow (for example invoice approval, creating and commenting on contracts , grant management )
  • Display of documents and data across SAP and non-SAP applications in an easy way (for example customer directories)
  • Definition of custom views for quick searching of documents
  • Controlled access to documents based on authorization
  • Electronic archiving and well-arranged display of documents and data from SAP (outgoing documents, print reports, data files created during archiving and reorganization of the SAP databases )
  • Advanced searching and sorting of documents based on attributes

If you are interested in this area, please contact us and we will present you a specific solution for working with documents in SAP according to their area will share with you our experience from completed projects.

SAP Extended ECM by OpenText