SAP Data Archiving by OpenText

SAP Data Archiving by OpenText will provide you secure storage of archived data and files from the SAP system that meets the legislative requirements for long-term archivation of business data. It will relieve your SAP database, improves system responsiveness and provides access to archived data for decades.

With controlled archiving of historical data from SAP, which are no longer part of daily processing, we will help you to continuously control size of SAP production database.

Your data will be securely stored in the archive server and will not occupy space in the database. This will relieve the overall SAP system and improves its responsiveness. Archived data could still be retrieved within seconds from the user interface, as users are accustomed to.

Features of OpenText Data Archiving for SAP:

  • Archiving of data from any SAP application
  • Archiving of print lists and reports from SAP
  • Archiving of data files created when archiving and data reorganization of SAP
  • Safe and long-term storage in accordance with the law
  • Access to archived data from SAP environment

Main benefits:

  • Safe and long-term storage of archived data in accordance with legislation
  • Creation of certified archive which ensures readability and verifiability of data over decades (Data Retention).
  • Reduction of operating expenses and total cost of ownership of SAP (TCO)
  • Relief of SAP system:
    • Increased performance and response
    • Faster data backup and recovery
    • Easier and faster to upgrade to newer versions
    • Quick and easy access to archived data directly from SAP environment according to user permissions

Do you have problems with growing SAP database? Do you need to ensure long-term data and print lists archiving?

Contact us, our specialists will recommend you the best archiving strategy for your company. We have extensive experience in the field of archiving and data management in SAP and based on the analysis (determining the cause and location of the largest data increase) we are able to create a solution that will meet your specific requirements.

SAP Data Archiving by OpenText