OpenText Employee File Management

The HR department is overloaded with execution of processes

Your recruiters often spend too much time dealing with administrative tasks and questions related to various aspects of employees, which reduces their capacity for other important activities with higher added value. Make their life easier by digitizing staff personal files and allow them to be closer to your people.

Personal documents are stored in multiple locations without the possibility of effective sharing

We offer solution that enable simple, well-arranged and safe storage of all HR documents in shared electronic files of staff. Your HR will have all the important information always readily available, thus reducing manual and duplicate data entry. Sensitive information will be kept securely in accordance with legal and corporate requirements. The amount of paper documents and copies will be reduced to the required minimum. 

It is necessary to ensure safe handling of sensitive data and their archiving in accordance with applicable legislation

Part of our solution is a trusted electronic storage of documents and data that ensures processing, controlled shredding and long-term archiving of any number of documents according to legal requirements, while maintaining their clarity and verifiability for decades.

Main benefits of EFM:

  • Clear organization of personal documents and employee data in a tree structure in one system with link to the workflow
  • Immediate availability of personal data and documents including their history
  • More efficient work of HR personnel - focus on activities with higher added value for employees and employers
  • Fast and secure sharing of HR documents between multiple locations, acceleration of related processes
  • Reduction of costs using centralized processing of key corporate documents
  • Streamlining data batch input into the system
  • Cost savings for copying, archiving and searching for information
  • Increased security of personal data manipulation
  • Ensuring legal and corporate deadlines for recovery or shredding / archiving of documents

Comprehensive solution for paperless HR

SAP Employee File Management by OpenText ensures clear organization and immediate availability of all relevant personnel documents in SAP system using electronic files of staff. Native integration in the SAP environment, direct connection to the HR module transactions and the ability to set custom views for documents and data with no ties to this system greatly simplifies the administrative work of HR department. All this within a single access and system - SAP. The solution also includes digitization of documents (batch scanning, extraction of the necessary data using OCR technologies and their subsequent transfer to the SAP system), electronic archiving in accordance with legislation and possibility of connection to workflow systems or internal employee portal.

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Use the potential of your SAP system in the field of human resource management!

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OpenText Employee File Management