HR management in SAP

In our team we have experienced consultants with detailed knowledge of the HR processes. In the HR area we provide innovative tools that help you effectively manage human resources and improve labor potential to be in line with the main objectives of your company.

Modern human resources management with SAP HCM

SAP Human Capital Management ERP system is a unique tool for managing human resources that will help with recruiting suitable candidates and improving human potential. Your HR will be better able to respond to changing global and local requirements and plan more effectively wage costs. SAP HCM will provide a comprehensive overview of all employees in real time and provide support in day to day HR work regardless of the size of your company or industry.

In the area of SAP HCM we provide comprehensive services from the actual implementation, through adjustments related to law amendments and changes in tariffs, custom portal solution for the management and approval of business trips to the outsourcing of personnel administration and payroll processing or HR applications on the SAP platform. Read more about the possibilities of outsourcing.

We are the only SAP partner in the Czech Republic, which provides localization of SAP HCM LCP (Legal Change Package) with respect to the law - at monthly intervals. We have also experience with international projects where we can harmonize international templates and settings with the local specifics.

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Paperless HR at SAP

We will help you simply, clearly and safely store all personal documents in the SAP system through the shared electronic files of staff. Your HR will have all the important information always readily available, will reduce manual and duplicate data entry, sensitive information will be kept securely in accordance with legal and corporate requirements. And number of paper documents and copies will be reduced to the minimum. Read more about paperless HR.

Based on your specific requirements we will offer you more possibilities for development of human resources with the support of modern applications such as SuccessFactors for optimization of the human resources performance in the Cloud or using tools for advanced analysis and human resource management, such as SAP BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning from the "in-memory" technology line - SAP HANA.

HR management in SAP