OpenText ECM

OpenText products provide complete functionality for the management and security of corporate content. They offer tools for the integration of people, processes and documents bound to them, which help companies to increase their productivity, ensure verifiability of specific documents for decades and reduce overall storage costs (TCO).

Each company produces and receives a huge amount of information that has to be processed, effectively used and evaluated. It also needs to be securely stored for long time. Information can be structured, which originates from database systems or forms, as well as semi-structured, such as invoices and unstructured, such as contracts or e-mails.

For enterprise management, organization and sharing of information, especially contract management, invoices and other business documents we use most often product OpenText Content Lifecycle Management (OpenText CLM).

OpenText Content Suite

OpenText Content Suite can integrate content across all corporate applications to a secure and centrally managed library with managed access, easy retrieval of information, while ensuring long-term archiving in accordance with legislation and company regulations. It includes tools for digitizing and data mining, creating and managing documents throughout their lifecycle and workflow functionality to automate and simplify the approval process.

Using OpenText Content Suite we most often solve:

  • creation, commenting and approval of contracts
  • processing and approval of supplier invoices
  • recording and distributing of incoming correspondence
  • management of incoming and outgoing data messages (data mailbox)
  • management of directives and ISO documentation
  • management of delivery notes

We specialize in other products and solutions from OpenText Enterprise Information Management Suite:

  • SAP Extended ECM by OpenText
  • One of the world's most popular ECM product for comprehensive management of unstructured content in SAP, which in addition to processing of SAP documents also combines transactional data with external unstructured content.

  • SAP Document Access by OpenText
  • System for electronic archiving and intuitive display of documents and data in the SAP system with regards to the business processes.

  • OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint
  • This solution provides integrated, end-to-end management of SharePoint sites and documents across an entire enterprise.>

  • OpenText Employee File Management
  • Solution for paperless HR in the SAP system, which replaces the need for storing information about employees in a paper archive.

  • OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions
  • Solution for automated invoice processing in the SAP system, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of billing invoices. It optimizes and simplifies the process of creating, managing, monitoring and routing purchase orders and invoices for the accounting department staff and suppliers. For invoice processing is used secure web browser where the accountants and suppliers work together to solve problems, to inquire on the status of invoices, check the order number, invoice insert and much more.

  • OpenText Customer Communication Management
  • Solution for effective design, engineering and automatic mass distribution of business communication, both on paper and in particular also in modern electronic formats.

  • OpenText AppWorks Platform (formerly OpenText Process Suite)
  • Comprehensive solution for BPM from process analysis through simulation and optimization to processes automation, case management, sophisticated reporting and analytics.

OpenText ECM