Customers' view of Sabris

Marvinpac CZ, s.r.o.

For me as the Executive Head, the SAP system represents protection of investment going forward. By implementing SAP, we have increased the prestige of our company and its credibility for clients, auditors and other institutions. In addition, we urgently needed a robust tool to manage logistics, which SAP S/4HANA reliably delivers.
When you acquire a comprehensive enterprise management system, you need to bear in mind that the system on its own cannot resolve your operational and organisational issues. It is a tool we need to learn to work with. Its implementation required great effort and a change of the mindset in the whole organisation.
Only a combination of the innovative technology, the right management and strategy has created the optimal setting that will allow us to meet our goals and push the boundaries of our growth. I am convinced that we have managed to achieve that with Sabris and we now have a foundation to build upon.

Jan Vrátil, Executive Head, Marvinpac CZ

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s. Vienna Insurance Group

The Sabris team of HR consultants takes good, careful care of us whenever we need it. As a result we’ve got reliable support for our everyday HR work.
Tomáš Beznoska, SAP HR Consultant, Kooperativa

LUKOV Plast spol. s r. o.

Due to the automotive industry’s needs, we must ensure that during and after the termination of serial production, we store all documentation about parts and features subject to mandatory documentation for at least 15 years (Dbma parts). This places heavy demands on our storage space and the need to protect the documents against damage. Thanks to electronic archiving, this problem has disappeared. It’s easy for us to find everything, and if there’s an audit or dispute, we’ve got precise data that support the clear and unchanging nature of these documents.
Roman Štancík, IT Manager, LUKOV Plast

Mahle Behr Mnichovo Hradiště s.r.o.

The Sabris Helpdesk always has an excellent response time to our requests (tickets). They always try to find a solution that satisfies our individual needs.
Šárka Vihanová, Mahle Behr Mnichovo Hradiště

Subterra a.s.

The Metrostav group implemented a centralised record office for all its branch offices, and it needed software for the new centre that would help us manage the record office as well as individual records. Sabris won our call for bids, submitting a very interesting project solution. Sabris based its solution on the TreeINFO for Sharepoint module and added further functions to the software. The solution is designed as a robust system that doesn’t just record individual files, but also allows for archiving the content of these files. Thanks to this implemented solution and support, we were able to move and make detailed records of over 25,000 boxes of files in a relatively short period of time. The solution helps us administrate the files, including file loans and shredding. By working together with Sabris, we’ve been able to establish a single record office system for all of the companies in the group.
Dušan Pokorný, Head of ICT Department, Subterra

Continental AG

"The joint project that we realized with Sabris consultants was one of the largest HR IT projects in the recent years. Within this project we implemented SAP HR modules for the entire group of companies Continental Czech Republic. In practice this means deploying the functionality for more than 12,000 employees. During the project we especially appreciated the professionalism and friendliness of the whole team. In the future we plan not to only ensure support of the deployed solution, but also its development in relation to the ever increasing demands in such an important area, which human resources certainly is."
Sven Schneidereit, Head of Human Capital Data Management, Continental AG

SAP Polska Sp. z o.o.

"Sabris implemented solution OpenText Employee File Management (EFM) for our client Orange Polska. Based on my experience I can definitely recommend Sabris for implementation of EFM solutions. In this project they demonstrated their deep knowledge and experience many times. By working with Sabris we were able to meet all milestones in the project plan without delay and with a very high quality. Cooperation with Štěpán Bouda was a pleasure for me. Shall I carry out a project of similar type in the future, I would again choose Sabris."
Radek Mierzejewski, Project Manager, SAP Polska


"iPhone application enables our colleagues to work better with the data that are available thanks to SAP Business One. We can further exploit the potential that this data offers us. In addition, all information that management needs, are now available immediately with a single click."
Filip Rudolf, Chief Financial Officer, POS Media Europe

Citace našich zákazníků

AVL Moravia s.r.o.

Working with Sabris in payroll and HR administration outsourcing has fulfilled our expectations. Payrolls are processed without any problems, which is the result of the careful preparation of all necessary documents by us and by Sabris. I think our mutual cooperation is a good advertisement.
Libor Krejčí, Head of Purchasing, Procurator, AVL Moravia s.r.o.

Heineken Slovensko a.s.

"The project of electronic approval and contracts archiving helped optimizing processes in the preparation of investment contracts and also shorten the time needed for the preparation of each investment contract. The system also offers added value in terms of simple and easy archiving of contracts in a single central database with easy searching and tracking of all the changes. The system settings are user friendly for everyone who uses it, which leads to increased efficiency of employees."
Michal Chudík, Sales Support Manager, Heineken Slovensko

Customers' view of Sabris