Automatic processing of incoming ISDOC invoices in SAP

This solution used for automatic processing of electronic invoices in SAP that are sent by trading partners in the ISDOC format. It allows complete record of all incoming invoices regardless of their format, including all attached documents and information about the document processing status.

Electronic invoices are received in the format ISDOC, respectively ISDOCX, which supports sending of invoice attachments through a dedicated recipient’s mail box. In a similar way, a solution can be extended with support for receiving invoices from data boxes.

Solution principle

Incoming e-mails are downloaded at regular intervals, attachments are extracted and processed for required data. At the same time, an image of the invoice is generated in PDF or TIFF format. Each file can also be checked for valid certificate.

Subsequently, all documents are archived in the electronic archive connected to a SAP module, in the Document Cockpit is created a record of the incoming invoice and extracted data and links to the documents in the archive are stored in the record. The whole process is automatic, however, the data may be further modified by the user in the Document Cockpit module.

Upon entering the module are also executed defined data checks, as in the case of invoices from other sources. If the invoice does not pass, it is possible to use the procedure for returning the invoice. After registration of the invoice, the system can automatically send an acknowledgment to the supplier. Document Cockpit then allows you to process an invoice in the same manner as scanned paper invoices, for example automatically post, send for the approval, return, etc.

Document Cockpit is a universal tool that allows recording of all incoming and outgoing documents in SAP. For each type of document is possible to define own process. It is therefore a very useful tool for recording of all incoming and outgoing documents.

Main benefits of the solution

  • Faster communication with suppliers
  • Elimination of errors during document processing
  • Elimination of the need to archive paper documents
  • Cost savings for handling of paper invoices
  • Centralized user-friendly storage of all incoming invoices in the ISDOC format and their processed in the same manner as all other invoices
  • Ability to effectively search the invoices by various parameters
  • Each invoice record contains image of the document in PDF format, ISDOC and all attached documents, allowing you to use a single browser for viewing invoices all kinds of formats.
  • Each invoice includes an envelope that contains document attributes for searching plus additional information defined by the system (document status, cost center, approver, ...) or by the user (note, ...)
  • Quick access to the invoice image directly from the corresponding entry in SAP
Automatic processing of incoming ISDOC invoices in SAP