IT solutions can be a powerful source of competitive advantage in the area of teamwork. The reason for this is our ever-accelerating pace of life, distance and barriers between people that cannot work side by side, the range and variety of changes that surround us and come unexpectedly and from different directions.

Companies and institutions often face unexpected situations for which there is neither pre-defined team nor scenario, which occur very rapidly and an individual is not capable of solving them alone. For such situations is necessary “collective brain”, more ears and eyes, immediate availability and the possibility of looking at the same information from different locations.

Current technologies allow companies to have their teams working very efficiently, using so called extreme collaboration.

What is the extreme collaboration?

  • Ability to have ongoing debate (24x7).
  • Give access to the problem to everyone, who at that moment may have possible solution.
  • Understanding of where in the team is located crucial knowledge.
  • Possibility of an immediate response when the need arises.
  • Collaborate without barriers.

All of these needs can be solved with a properly configured collaborative environment and with the right corporate culture.

We are ready to help you

  • Get the grasp on needs of collaboration
  • Create the concept of the technological environment for collaboration
  • Set collaborative environment in MS SharePoint
  • Provide mobile access
  • Tweak the collaboration of MS SharePoint with other means of communication
  • Start the long-term program of gradual development of the corporate culture of collaboration
  • Search and find models for use of “extreme collaboration” in the process of creating a competitive advantage.

Internal social networks

Technological environment which can significantly improve collaborative processes are called internal social networks.

Internal social networks offer:

  • Natural opportunities to share professional profiles and experience described in them
  • Discussion forums for more or less open communities
  • Simple online communication between individuals and groups
  • Shared “Wikipedia”-like storages
  • Document sharing and collaboration during their creation
  • Possibility of easy and flexible creation of new communities
  • Possibility of united planning (calendar)
  • Options for mobile connectivity and availability of the above mentioned instruments

Contact us, our experienced consultants will help you design and create the best environment using gradually phased development that ensures a nonviolent transfer of communication and collaboration activities from existing, often inefficient, environments.