S/4.CZ by Sabris

S/4.CZ - real time enterprise resource management for your business

S/4.CZ by Sabris is a fully localized SAP S/4HANA (on premise) ERP solution for the Czech legal environment with a functionality for support of standard corporate processes.

Its main added value is a predefined S/4HANA functionality for support of more than 60 standard corporate processes with intuitive interface which will simplify users‘ work in connection to specific working roles. S/4.CZ solution will speed up the implementation of SAP S/4HANA ERP system according to the SAP Activate methodology which will lead to a significant decrease in customers‘ costs for system purchase, simplifying future planning of its further development and extension. All in accordance with current legislative requirements.

For whom is S/4.CZ intended?

S/4.CZ is designed for both business and manufacturing companies looking for a stable and trusted solution for complex corporate management which will boost their growth, facilitate implementation of innovations and provide them with an easy and transparent access to data in real time.

What are the main benefits of S/4.CZ?

  • Reduction of operating costs thanks to the use of standardized processes built on the best practices, which capitalize on years of experience of SAP and its customers.
  • Hands-on experience with SAP S/4HANA including ready-to-use demo scenarios.
  • Truly real-time process management.
  • Possibility to manage multinational companies, their divisions, branches and accounting standards at both global and local level.
  • Compliance with national law.
  • Possibility to compare the original user interface with the new FIORI user interface.

What processes are covered by S/4.CZ?

Technical Specification

S/4.CZ solution uses only the newest on premise version of SAP S/4HANA system and contains a number of new functionalities such as integration to SAP Cash Application or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).
The solution provides analytical content including operational reporting used by the SAP FIORI application. It offers integration to SAP cloud solutions, e.g. SuccessFactors Employee Central or Ariba.
Infrastructure can be operated through a flexible Cloud service.

How does the deployment of S/4.CZ take place?

Thanks to the new SAP Activate methodology, S/4.CZ solution presents completely new approach to implementation. The customer learns about the optimized processes directly in the predefined process environment and is able to assess the actual benefits for its business together with the Sabris implementation team.

Therefore, the final concept is created on the basis of a real customer experience (not only based on an ideal) and contains a list of exceptions that need to be implemented into the customer’s existing processes.

The standard processes being already predefined, the speed of implementation project increases, providing better control over costs and total price paid by the customer for SAP S/4HANA deployment. From Kick-off to Go-Live phase, the whole deployment process in a medium-sized company takes about 4 months.

Moreover, the user-intuitive SAP FIORI interface shortens significantly the training time of new users. However, experienced SAP users‘ knowledge will not be in vain thanks to the possibility to perform most of the transaction in the traditional SAP GUI.

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S/4.CZ by Sabris