Sabris was the first in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to successfully upgrade SAP Business One to the latest version 9.1

As of Monday 13th October 2014 the first customer in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, can use the latest version of ERP SAP Business One, version 9.1. The upgrade implemented by Sabris was performed in the so-called RampUp mode, or under controlled distribution to a limited number of real customers, which was agreed directly with SAP. The upgrade itself was performed on a weekend and the customer has confirmed its trouble-free operation.

The new version 9.1 offers several principal innovations as well as useful improvements:

Area of Business Logic

  • Multiple Branches – enables several branches to be kept in one database, including reporting for individual branches
  • Improvement of production - use of resources, including capacities, collective changes in bills for materials
  • MRP improvements - several types of documents and limitations of selection, maximal use of inventory levels, use of several forecasts
  • A new method of valuation of batches and serial numbers
  • Negative payments in the Payments Assistant
  • Extension of the preparation for take-off and packing in the case of installation orders and requests for re-storage of inventories
  • Improvement of weight control for units of measure
  • Setting weights for warehouse locations

Area of infrastructure and architecture

  • Copying tables from/to MS Excel
  • Configurable screens - moving and hiding fields, standard screens for individual users
  • Groups of access rights
  • Simplified e-mail and the printing of documents (e-mail groups for business partners)
  • Maximization of the grid (a table in the document can be maximized to cover the whole window)

This version will be available for general distribution after completion of the RampUp, probably at the beginning of 2015.

The upgrade is recommended for users of SAP Business One version 8.82 where the scheduled termination of support is on 30th June 2015 and also for users of the version 9.0 the maintenance of which will be terminated on 28th Feb 2016.