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Unique Industry 4.0 project based on the SAP platform

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The Cherkizovo group, the largest meat product manufacturer in Russia, chose the SAP S/4HANA information system in combination with the S2AP for Food solution from Sabris for its fully automated salami manufacturing plant.
Most of the manufacturing is currently performed by artificial intelligence – from the initial planning, storage of raw materials, production and despatching to the subsequent evaluation.

The IT project was awarded the global SAP Innovation Awards prize.

See one of the most advanced sausage production plants in the world

The factory in Kashira covers 30% of the Russian fermented salami market.
It is designed to produce up to 100 tonnes of products per day.
It would thus be able to cover half of the consumption of all sausages in the Czech Republic.

Challenges the customer had to face

The need to increase production capacities in connection with EU sanctions (up to 100 tonnes of fermented salami per day)

The desire to build one of the most advanced food plants based on Industry 4.0 principles

It was not possible to achieve sufficient productivity and efficiency by partially expanding the capacity of the existing plants

The need for central management of a large number of production equipment and technologies from suppliers from various countries

Solutions and services provided


S2AP for Food

SAP deployment


Breath-taking increase in production and productivity

In order to rapidly increase the production capacities, Cherkizovo decided to build a brand-new factory in Kashira.

It used this opportunity to deploy state-of-the-art technologies based on Industry 4.0 principles with a view to ensuring high productivity and food safety.

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SAP as a clear choice for the area of production

The new plant had to be managed centrally. Cherkizovo has been successfully using the SAP platform across its plants for several years. However, the plant in Kashira was the first plant where the company decided to deploy SAP in production.
The objective was to simplify the system interface and unify the platform for ERP and MES (production management system).

The biggest challenge lied in integration of a diverse set of technologies.

Deployment of the SAP S/4HANA backbone system proceeded in a standard manner. The initial analysis was especially challenging, because apart from Sabris and Cherkizovo, there was a number of technology providers from multiple countries involved in the creation of the solution design.
Even during the other phases of the project, new situations appeared that needed to be solved as needed.

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I consider the entire IT solution, where the entire production process is controlled by the ERP system, a part of the innovation. I don’t know anyone who controls, manages and monitors the entire process in such depth.

What are my takeaways from this project?

  • MES on the SAP platform is a solution;
  • ERP and MES from a single supplier is a great choice;
  • Having a supplier with experience in the field is a must.

Alexey Suharev

MES Architect, Cherkizovo Group

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Online management and control of manufacturing processes

Deployment of the S2AP for Food MES solution ensured smooth communication among all robotic equipment (scales, automatic production and packaging lines, etc).
This system effectively manages tasks related to production, logistics, production equipment maintenance and quality management processes based on data collected directly within the processes, which are fully interconnected with ERP data and subsequent evaluated.

The innovative project was awarded the prestigious SAP award

The fully automated plant based on Industry 4.0 principles and managed by the SAP S/4HANA and Sabris S2AP for Food systems received the SAP Innovation Award 2019 in the „Digital Trailblazer“ category.
The award aims to recognise companies using the SAP platform to transform their businesses in terms of development of new business models, use of innovative technologies, opening new markets or fundamental changes in production or delivery of products and services.

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Benefits of our solution

Increase in production thanks to full automation (the plant is capable of producing up to 100 tonnes of salami daily).

Only 200 employees work in the fully automated plant and the products are practically never touched by a human hand throughout the entire process.

Ensuring high quality of food and transparency of the manufacturing chain.

The actual use of state-of-the-art technologies is a unique feat and makes Cherkizovo the leader on the Russian food market.

About Cherkizovo

year of incorporation
billion roubles in revenue (2019)
thousand employees
thousand tonnes of meat in live weight
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Cherkizovo Group is the largest producer of meat products in Russia. The group is among the three largest players in the poultry, pork and processed meat market and it is also the largest feed producer in the country.

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