SAP Business One in the cloud for fast deployment of accounting administration system and optimisation of existing processes

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ARTHURINVEST is the operator of Botanique Hotel, a modern lifestyle hotel in the centre of Prague. Sabris helped ARTHURINVEST with the implementation of a new information system as the customer was facing the challenge of transition to its own hotel brand and needed to deploy new accounting and operational systems and optimise internal processes very quickly. In just 4 months, ARTHURINVEST completed the transition to SAP Business One in the cloud and has been successfully using the professional services of the Sabris Support Centre for over two years.

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With the transition to our own brand, we faced a difficult task of switching to new accounting and operational systems in a very short timeframe.
The goal was not only a quick transition, but also optimisation and streamlining of existing processes. Thanks to the professionalism and commitment of the Sabris team, the transition to the new ERP system was seamless and our fear of complications proved pointless.

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Challenges the customer had to face

Replacement of the existing information system

Need of a quick implementation of new accounting and operational systems due to the transition to the company’s own brand

Optimisation of key processes and implementation of program modifications according to specific requirements

System administration with minimal deployment of internal IT department

Solutions and services provided

SAP Business One Cloud

Application support


The need to replace the information system applying specific requirements in record time

Due to a change of ownership, ARTHURINVEST was faced with the challenge of replacing the existing information system with another solution as quickly as possible. The company had only 6 months for the selection of the supplier, analysis and implementation.
Thanks to Sabris, everything was done even ahead of schedule.

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Experienced team and well-prepared blueprint for quick deployment of SAP Business One

From the beginning, ARTHURINVEST required quick implementation of the system with a number of specific requirements. After 2 months of workshops, the Sabris and ARTHURINVEST teams came up with a blueprint, and in the next 2 months, SAP Business One in the cloud was implemented including programming of all required functionalities. Thanks to the commitment of both companies and willingness to immediately address partial challenges arising in the process, the implementation was completed in mere 4 months from the beginning of the negotiations, i.e. two months before the deadline.

SAP Business One long-term support

Following the successful implementation of the system, the Sabris team has been providing the customer with support for the entire solution since July 2019. Thanks to the quick responses and professional approach of the Sabris Support Centre, the operation of the information system by ARTHURINVEST is seamless and without any risk of impact on its business.

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SAP Business One in the cloud

Since ARTHURINVEST does not have its own IT department and due to the acquisition costs, SAP Business One was implemented as a cloud solution on the HANA database. Such a solution is maintenance-free for the customer and it costs only a fraction of the amount the customer would pay for setting up its own IT department to manage the system.

Benefits of our solution

Smooth and fast transition to the new system without any limitations on business continuity.

Better supervision of the company and more informed decision-making thanks to new system processes and reporting.

Process optimisation without time-consuming involvement of key employees.

Seamless operation of the system without the need to set up your own IT team


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ARTHURINVEST s.r.o. was established in 2006 by its Irish owners to build and operate a hotel in the centre of Prague. In 2009, the hotel was opened as part of Jurys Inn Group and was operated under this brand until 2019. Since 2019, the hotel has used its own brand Hotel Botanique Prague.
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