Smart food industry

Digitizing your food company means a higher margin, quality and safety

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smart food industry

Process management, optimisation and automation

Large food production companies usually employ up to 800 people.

A fully automated plant of the same size employs only 200 people.

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In essence, half of the wieners in the Czech Republic are manufactured and dispatched by a plant using the Sabris S2AP for Food solution.

Jan Coufalík

CEO, Sabris Solutions, SE

Current challenges

Tough competitive environment where every cent counts

Demand predictions based on feelings instead of data

Most information systems are at a loss when it comes to the specifics of food production

Impossibility to determine actual costs per every item produced, employees and logistics

Growing legal and customer requirements

Inaccurate production planning and management without detailed information

Pressure towards safety and traceability of food

Dependence on staff availability

Main benefits

  • Maximisation of the margin by detailed allocation of costs to products
  • Achieving the highest possible efficiency in production and return on the investment in production equipment
  • Managing a growing number of statutory and customer requirements for food quality
  • Applying the best practices of the modern food industry
  • Increasing production and reducing return on investments thanks to automation of production
  • Reducing costs through flawless integration of all business processes
  • Using all your resources to the maximum
  • Achieving a more flexible response to the market situation and planning based on verified data
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