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Higher profits thanks to the synergy of technologies and people

We will help you get rid of paper documents once and for all, make use of software robots and digitalise or outsource processes so that you can use the freed-up capacity for your development.

HR and payroll outsourcing

Sabris helped NKT with payroll processing for nearly 1,000 employees of NKT’s newly acquired plant in Sweden.

The service provided on a long-term basis now comprises comprehensive business process outsourcing of payroll processing, including printing of pay slips and their delivery from the Czech Republic.


McKinsey believes that 45% of all work can be automated using current IT technologies.

Source: report

Current challenges

Error rate and uncertain availability of human resources

Inability to flexibly react to complications

High personnel costs of repeated activities with low added value

High fluctuation and lack of qualified resources

Inefficient co-operation between teams and throughout the company

Threat of criminal liability for legal non-compliance

Main benefits

  • Reducing dependence on people by utilising software robots and artificial intelligence
  • Boosting resistance to internal resource shortages
  • Reducing costs and increasing availability of information in a paperless office
  • Assuring compliance with internal policies and legislation
  • Increasing customer, employee and partner satisfaction with faster and more attractive communication
  • Assuring guaranteed availability, high professional level and quality of services
  • Optimising processes by monitoring and removing bottlenecks
  • Increasing information security

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