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Modern 24/7 support with guaranteed quality of services

Our international Support Centre offers professional services of system, application and process support and consultancy for SAP, OpenText, Microsoft and Sabris products.

Let us deal with your problems and make use of support tailored to your needs.

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Gartner expects that by 2023, 40% of the work related to modernisation of applications will be performed through multi-annual contracts for the supply of Application Managed Services.

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Magna International provides flawless support to its customers in the automotive industry thanks to its 306 manufacturing plants and 92 development, engineering and sales centres located in 29 countries on 4 continents.

Increasing satisfaction of SAP applications users

  • The expansion of SAP installations caused a significant increase in SAP incidents reported by users.
  • Magna and Sabris entered into an AMS contract for the provision of services by a team of professional SAP consultants with guaranteed quality of service.
  • During the first months of the co-operation, the satisfaction of business users significantly increased thanks to the reduction of the amount of currently opened SAP incidents.

Current challenges

Risk of financial loss caused by unavailability of critical applications

Lack of own IT resources, their poor substitutability and high demands on individuals’ competences

Dissatisfaction of business users and pressure on development of IT systems

Lack of perspective and monitoring of modern IT trends

Impact of the rapidly changing environment on key corporate processes (IT, legislation, business, global events)

Problematic support from other time zones and cultural differences

Main benefits

  • Continuity of business thanks to prevention of critical system failure
  • Our single FTE consists of a mix for your entire IT portfolio
  • Satisfied users
  • Guaranteed service reliability
  • 24/7 international support
  • Freeing up capacity for innovations, strategic development and new projects
  • Obtaining a partner for the creation and optimisation of the IT concept and IT strategy
  • Permanent availability of knowledge
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