Cash register systems for SAP

Do you need to maintain a strong position in a competitive environment, to rapidly expand or increase the profitability of your business?

In the terms of retail companies one of the key contacts with the customer takes place at checkout. Customer should be quickly and accurately served. If the operation at the checkout takes too long time or if the price of goods does not match the register, the customer is not satisfied.

Other threats can also be erroneous quantity of goods in stock, unbalanced accounts ledger, incorrectly paid VAT, inaccurate turnover, missing closures, unclear cash competencies, late revealed embezzlement. This is a list of a few potential problems that the company may face.

Based on our experience from projects in retail companies, we have developed an effective tool Sabris POS Solution (Point Of Sale), with core component CashDesk - register.

We offer Cash register in two versions. The first version is targeted for supermarket-like retail type, mainly for rapid clearance of full shopping cart, where the basic principle is the work with barcodes. The second version is much more user friendly. Touch display is the main point of control. It contains many features like various search criteria for goods, item and transaction discounts, gifts, promotions, cash payments in various currencies, card or certificate payments, payment with meal vouchers in full or partially, payment of invoices, closures, pay ins and pay outs, general cash register.

Receipt can be assigned to a named client or objects such as a table or stand. Ability to store and recall documents allows simultaneous work with multiple receipts, thus satisfying forgetful customers and also special requirements for restaurants or gas stations.

All data from the store are managed by POS Server. Its user interface is provided by POS Manager, with which the store manager can control and manage data. Master Server then communicates with the ERP system into which is the POS solution integrated.

Data verification

If the POS solution is properly deployed, the main ledger accounts are balanced using sale receipts, pay-ins and pay-outs on one side and closures on the other side. Then you can easily verify accuracy and completeness of all performed operations by simply looking into the general ledger. If you do not want to burden your accounting with this precise approach or want to have more independent control mechanisms, we offer functionality for cross-checking of received data and subsequent calculation for required balancing on "virtual accounts". To ensure proper reporting, it is necessary to maintain the recommended methodology.

This approach gives you control on multiple different levels of POS system. Standard incorporated SAP tools allow your system administrators monitoring of the data processing on a technical level. Completeness of required operations can then be checked by the POS administrator in the basic framework report. General ledger and control report provides different ways for checking the data processing from the accounting perspective. This ensures technical, logical and accounting control. Secondary output is the control of defined methodology. If it is not followed, it will be indicated in the totals of control report or in the daily subtotals of the general ledger.

Discount sales, internet sales, food, ceramics, carpets, sports goods, gardening, electronics, and other fields are already proving Sabris POS Solution. The solution is deployed in several countries of Central Europe in fiscal and non-fiscal mode. To learn more, please contact us.

Sabris POS Solution

Solution that will provide you with comprehensive cash management process in real time, including a detailed overview of all stock and financial transactions carried out at cash registers, ensuring secure two-way transfer of data between the information and the POS system and allows usage of various marketing campaigns such as discounts, coupons, etc.

The biggest added value of POS Solution is the integration with SAP

Our solution offers an interface to a variety of systems but the most added value brings the deployment with SAP ERP. Here we offer additional software component Sabris POS Framework for SAP, which provides secure processing of received data, storing links between input IDOCs, transaction receipts and new standard SAP documents such as MM documents, SD invoices, FI documents.

All operations are logged according to uniform rules, errors are reported in the document summary or can be escalated using the SAP workflow. These advanced features of Sabris POS Framework together with the POS Server and CashDesk, which provide a standard offline mode without a permanent connection to the central system, constitutes a major competitive advantage of Sabris POS Solution. In addition, due to the fact that we provide a complete SAP solution to our customers, we know their complete processes linked to the POS transactions.

Sabris POS Solution is stable and certified Microsoft.NET solution suitable for retail chains of different sizes. In the case of the growth of your business network it easily adapts to the requirements of a large number of cash registers. Its operation is very simple and does not require intensive training of personnel. The system is also resistant to errors caused by inexperienced users.

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Properties of Sabris POS Solution:

  • Possibility of integration with already existing solutions
  • Possibility of connecting payment terminals, barcode scanners and other accessories
  • Possibility of incorporating motivational client reports and feedback on the POS system
  • Possibility to use special customer displays for showing advertisements to customers
  • Easy adaptation to the specific requirements
  • Availability of different language versions
  • Online and offline operation of cash registers in case of connection failure between stores and headquarters
Cash register systems for SAP