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Watch a short success story video about our cooperation with NKT


How to solve the takeover of a plant in Sweden with nearly 1,000 employees and ensure their payroll is done? Inspire yourself when looking for solutions to your HR processes.

Sabris shared services helped NKT with payroll processing for nearly 1,000 employees of the newly acquired plant in Sweden. The service provided on a long-term basis now comprises comprehensive business process outsourcing of payroll processing, including printing of pay slips and their delivery from the Czech Republic.

In order to provide outsourcing of payroll processing in SAP HCM for the swedish plant, it was necessary to do the following during the transition:

  • To describe the existing process and method of payroll calculation in the Swedish enterprise
  • To provide an expert consultancy support during the migration of SAP HCM setting to the customer’s new interface
  • To train the staff of both parties, including the introduction of communication manual specifying the responsibilities of, and cooperation between, the respective parties
  • To coordinate project activities in a manner allowing Sabris to help the client manage the difficult acquisition project as it also included the migration of the whole SAP ERP. (Up to 6 different teams/external partners simultaneously collaborated on the project)
  • To manage communication with Swedish HR subcontractors (insurance companies, benefit providers, etc.)

A follow-up regular service covers the following:

  • Payroll processing
  • Printing of pay slips and their distribution to individual employees
  • Check of travel allowances and their reimbursement
  • Annual tax settlement

For more information about our business process outsourcing services, please visit the web site of Sabris shared services.