ECM for SharePoint

We offer an integrated ECM extension for Microsoft SharePoint based on the system TreeINFO for SharePoint, which provides ready-made solutions for specific processes for working with documents or particular types of documents, including the rapid development capabilities for additional custom solutions.

With our ECM extension for SharePoint you will be able to quickly and easily manage and automatically process business documents - from firm evidence of entry into your company, digitization and OCR processing, through electronic archiving according to the current legislation, management of the workflow and approval within a workflow to transfer to the ERP or economic systems and shipment of documents from your company.

For the approval process we use a proven tool Nintex Workflow, which ensures efficient circulation of documents within the required processes and is fully supported by Microsoft. Elegant forms are created using the Nintex Forms system.

To securely store the entire content of SharePoint including native connections to other systems we provide solutions based on the OpenText platform, which meets the legislative requirements for electronic archiving and supports electronic signatures and time stamps.

In the area of batch scanning and document extraction we provide technologies from ABBYY and Kofax. More information can be found on: Digitization and data mining.

Unique ECM solution for SharePoint

We have extensive experience with implementations in MS SharePoint. For our customers we design the optimal way to implement the ECM solution that meets their needs the best and minimizes requirements for their assistance during implementation. In our team we have specialists for all solution components (TreeINFO, forms, workflow, scanning and archiving tools). Therefore we deliver the solution as a whole without the need for additional subcontractors.

The main benefits of TreeINFO for SharePoint:

  • Acceleration of the work in SharePoint.
  • Intuitive operation, which reduces the need for user training.
  • Use of worldwide supported and certified Microsoft SharePoint platform, which guarantees stability and long-term support
  • Lower cost of application ownership – once the project is completed, the application is managed by your trained administrators.
  • Fast implementation with prepared agendas

Prepared agendas TreeINFO for SharePoint:

Incoming invoices

Automated processing of invoices in SharePoint - scanning, electronic archiving, extracting the necessary data, their validation and transfer to ERP or economic systems, circulation and workflow-driven approval in a subsequent accounting. We offer specialized solutions for automated invoice processing in SAP.

Issued invoices

Complete solution for electronic archiving of issued invoices in SharePoint, in accordance with legislation.


Complete solution for managing and archiving of the contract documents in SharePoint. Automated process of contract creation, including controlled commenting and approval in workflow. Automatic review of validity of contracts and their renewal.

Filing service for commercial organizations

Complete solution for electronic filing and archiving of all sent and received mail in SharePoint, including processing of messages in the data boxes. The solution is designed so that the received documents and records are linked to documents across the whole system.

ISO documentation

Complete solution for computerized processing of quality documentation in SharePoint, including electronic support for document approval processes and support for distributing the information.

Business documentation

Complete solution for registration of business documents in SharePoint, including creation of tasks for all participants of the business process.

The main features of our ECM solutions for SharePoint:

  • Direct integration with Active Directory (users simply log on to the workstation)
  • Data access from anywhere using a familiar internet browser environment
  • Dynamic management of access rights to documents and information
  • Universal interface for importing information from different sources (for example scanning software, mail servers, etc.)
  • Interfaces for communication with the information and economic systems which allow two-way data exchange
  • Graphic designer for workflow processes, which can be used to also configure system actions such as the creation of reports, sending notifications, escalation management, etc.
  • Graphic designer for creating forms
  • Full-text search with adjustable precision criteria for the export results as a basis for BI
  • Mobile access to information and processing workflow through smart phone.

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ECM for SharePoint