SAP Document Access by OpenText

SAP Document Access by OpenText extends the SAP document management capabilities. It allows easy and intuitive display of documents and data according to your business processes, across all used applications, using a secure central repository.

Benefits of SAP Document Access by OpenText:

  • Maximum transparency of processes in SAP modules and systems
  • Comprehensive view of business documents and related data across different applications
  • Access to non-SAP documents in the SAP environment
  • Complete document management functionality in SAP
  • Secure and long-term archiving of all documents and data in a secure central repository
  • Tight integration with the SAP environment

For more information visit OpenText website.

Doculink for SAP

Part of this solution is DocuLink for SAP application, integrated with the SAP environment, which thanks to its user-friendly interface provides easy access to documents using folders in a tree structure. Even users without deeper knowledge of SAP are able to manage, search and display documents linked to SAP and all other documents, independent of SAP transactions or modules.

Archived data and data stored in the SAP production database are displayed together. You can jointly analyze them and generate required reports and press releases.

DocuLink for SAP properties:

  • Easy access to documents using defined intuitive views
  • Simultaneous view of both online and offline data
  • Support for document creation process (check-in, check-out, versioning, processing status)
  • Creating documents based on templates (contracts, customer documentation)
  • Ability to view documents through a web interface

Do you want to learn more about document management capabilities in SAP? Write to us, we have extensive knowledge of SAP and ECM systems and are ready to consult with you your specific requirements.

SAP Document Access by OpenText