OpenText VIM for SAP

Make processing of incoming invoices in SAP more efficient

Late payment of invoices, poor vendor relations, high costs of invoice processing, no insight into process bottlenecks, inability to trace the current status of an invoice, inefficiency, labour-intensive paperwork, impossibility of standardisation, no automation, poor integration with the accounting system etc.

Are you faced with similar problems with your current invoice processing method? Is your process labour-intensive, expensive, with a risk of late payment penalties and no option of using bonuses for timely payment? Not to mention bonuses for an early payment of invoices, which are virtually impossible.

The problem lies in the fact that the decades old traditional method for invoice processing does not meet the demands of the 21st century. Nowadays, companies not only pay invoices, but also need to be able to convert and import the invoices into SAP, carry out pre-accounting, remedy irregularities in invoices (e.g. missing or incorrect data), approve invoice payments, use discounts for timely payment, avoid penalties for delayed payments, eliminate duplicate invoices, prevent frauds and document information required for internal and external audits.

Contact us and we will advise you on switching to a new method of invoice processing, changing from a manual system to a simplified, highly automated one. Thanks to much faster, more accurate and efficient processing, you will be able to improve your work productivity, cash flow and customer relationships.

Solution for automated invoice processing in SAP - OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

The OpenText VIM solution for SAP Solutions significantly simplifies and optimises the process of creation, management, control and delivery of purchase orders and invoices both to employees of the Accounting Department and vendors.
Invoice processors addressing any invoice-related problem can, quickly and easily, access data on the respective invoice (such as the relevant purchase order, payment status of an invoice etc.) through a secure internet browser.
The solution automatically directs the respective invoice towards the appropriate employee responsible for approval, processing and payment. Moreover, the managers can also approve invoices through mobile devices. Support of remote approval of invoices speeds up the whole process, making it possible to pay vendors sooner.

Watch a short demo of the solution:

Main benefits of the OpenText VIM for SAP Solutions

  • Acceleration of invoice processing across the whole enterprise due to integration with SAP ERP
  • Increase in productivity and revenues through automated routing, approval and payment processes
  • Stronger vendor relationships through access to current and accurate information
  • Accurate and timely financial reporting through access to processing information
  • Better cash flow through streamlined working procedures, reminders and a shorter payment cycle
  • Compliance support through well-managed invoice processing with the help of pre-set rules

overview of the OpenText VIM for SAP Solutions (pdf)


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Extension option through an OCR solution - OpenText Invoice Capture Center for SAP Solutions

The solution utilises a cutting-edge character and document recognition technology in order to convert invoices into machine-readable data. Based on long experience and a broad knowledge base, the solution extracts header and line items with a high level of accuracy. Moreover, deep integration with SAP makes data extraction fully automatic and eliminates the need to enter data manually.

OpenText VIM for SAP