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Less manual work and faster invoice and contract circulation

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Heineken Slovakia is a part of HEINEKEN, the largest brewery group in Europe and the second largest in the world. Thanks to the implementation of the SAP-integrated OpenText solution for invoice and contract processing, Heineken Slovensko increased its flexibility, while also cutting the costs of document processing.

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The project of electronic approving and archiving of contracts helped optimise the processes in the preparation of investment contracts and shorten the time required for the preparation of each investment contract.

The system also offers added value in the sense of simple and transparent archiving of contracts in a single central database and easy searching for contracts, including records of all the amendments made. The system is absolutely intuitive, which increases the efficiency of each employee.

April 2012

Michal Chudík

Sales Support Manager, Heineken Slovensko

Challenges the customer had to face

Invoices piling up at bottlenecks and causing the risk of delay in payments due to manual invoice processing

Lengthy and non-transparent approval processes by e-mails and in paper form

Uncontrolled transfers of documents between departments

Costly and ineffective processing of received invoices

Risks associated with unsecured access to documents

Possibility of loss of documents due to missing records

Solutions and services provided

OpenText Content Suite Platform

OpenText Capture Center

Sabris Book of received invoices


Unification of templates and processes

Investment contracts are drafted based on templates and are then forwarded through the workflow to the relevant employees for supplementation, comments and subsequent approval.
Complete version and revision history of documents is clearly recorded.

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Storage in a secure archive

Processed contracts and invoices, along with all underlying documents and scanned signed original counterparts, are stored in a well-arranged directory structure, securely archived and made accessible based on the users’ access rights.

Automatic completion of details

Received hard copy and PDF invoices are processed using the OpenText Capture Center OCR system, which reads header data from the invoices.
Thanks to the machine learning technology, the reading success rate is significantly higher compared to other systems.

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Acceleration thanks to SAP integration

The OpenText Content Suite Platform system is integrated with the SAP system. The integration speeds up the acquisition of an invoice in SAP and an immediate overview of its status. 

The system allows each user to work with their native application – SAP for accountants, the web browser for general users.

Benefits of our solution

Significant reduction of the amount of manual work and speeding up the processing and circulation of documents

Reduction of paper load due to digitisation of the invoices and contracts

Real-time overview of investment documents

Quick and easy access to all documents

Reduction of the implementation time and the data retrieval error rate thanks to intelligent OCR

Increased security of sensitive information

About Heineken Slovakia
SK market leader for over 20 years
sells over 300 beer brands
operates in 190 countries around the world
employs 84,000 people
Heineken SK

In Slovakia, HEINEKEN is represented by three companies: Heineken Slovensko, Heineken Slovensko Sladovne and Heineken Slovensko Distribúcia, employing approximately 600 people all over Slovakia.

More information about HEINEKEN can be found at www.heineken.com