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Comprehensive information system for optimisation and management of corporate processes

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MP Krásno, a traditional manufacturer of sausages and meat products from Moravian Wallachia, is one of the largest meat processors in the Czech Republic. It manages and controls all its strategic business processes via a combination of the SAP ERP system and the S2AP for Food solution by Sabris. This significantly helps to MP Krásno in optimising its processes and thus increasing profit.

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The SAP solution from Sabris has significantly helped us optimise and automate certain activities by interconnecting applications and processing large pools of data. We now know the exact cost of each product, thanks to this solution, among other factors. The planning process helped us optimise the production equipment capacities and effectively plan shifts, which significantly reduces our production costs.

Karel Pilčík

Owner of MP Krásno

Challenges the customer had to face

Highly competitive environment involving meat processors with low margins

Inaccurate planning and missing information on the costs of individual products

Missing information for qualified decision-making and comprehensive management of the company that would lead to an increase in turnover and profit

Production dependent on an obsolete information system (errors and blind spots in processes)

Impossibility to quickly and flexibly respond to the ever-changing customer requirements

Costly IT infrastructure administration (fragmentation of systems from multiple suppliers)

Solutions and services provided


S2AP for Food

SAP deployment


Comprehensive solution for growth and support of automation

MP Krásno operates in a very competitive environment with low margins. It needed to deploy a solution that would ensure the growth of its turnover and profit in such a challenging environment. Furthermore, its company strategy is based on increasing the level of automation of manufacturing, logistics and administrative activities. Accordingly, the management decided to implement robust IT solutions based on the SAP platform supporting process automation.

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Implementation of the solution in 4 plants

The main MP Krásno manufacturing plant is located in Valašské Meziříčí and another plant for the production of long-keeping and fermented salami is located in Ostrava. The SAP ERP deployment project included the above plants and also the plant of Řeznictví H+H, s.r.o, located in Hladké Životice and Krásno Slovakia, s.r.o. plant providing for sales of MP Krásno products on the Slovak and Hungarian markets.

Comprehensive management, control and flawless operation of all plants

The solution included detailed planning, management and control of all processes related to meat processing, including support for automation and connection of robotic production lines and automated warehouses. MP Krásno thus manages all key information through a single system.

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Meeting the legal and customer requirements for food quality

Another added value of the Sabris solution lies in ensuring food safety, management of the shelf life in sales, despatching, monitoring the origin of raw materials, supporting HACCP, IFS, BRC, GMP audits and more.

Management and evaluation of efficiency in production

As part of the solution, we also deployed tools for management and evaluation production productivity, including OEE tools, which were further expanded.
Thanks to this, MP Krásno is able to better plan its capacities and has accurate information on the allocation of costs to individual products.

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Benefits of our solution

MP Krásno manages finances, production and logistics through a single central system, which is of significant help to the company in terms of increasing its turnover and profit.

Thanks to quality management, MP Krásno can easily and quickly respond to the growing requirements of customers as well as legislation in order to ensure food quality and safety.

The comprehensive planning process allows MP Krásno to make optimal use of the capacities of its production equipment and also plan shifts efficiently which leads to a significant reduction of production costs.

About MP Krásno

Masny prumysl Krasno MPK

MP Krásno, a traditional manufacturer of sausages and meat products from Moravian Wallachia, is one of the five largest meat and sausage producers in the Czech Republic. MP Krásno is a family company currently led by the sixth generation of master butchers hailing from the Pilčík family, who, through their enormous efforts, managed to turn Krásno into a company symbolising the amalgamation of a butchery tradition, Wallachian skill and modern technologies.

The main attraction of the product range are traditional specialties from Moravian Wallachia. These specialties are sold by a number of retail chains and retail networks, as well as by specialised butcher shops.

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