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Increasing the quality of decision-making processes at all levels thanks to SAP Business Intelligence

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Škoda Auto, a member of the VW Group, is the largest automobile manufacturer in the Czech Republic.
By deploying a variety of SAP BI tools, Škoda Auto has improved its decision-making processes at all levels – from real-time operational monitoring to tracking key company indicators.

Challenges the customer had to face

Heterogeneous data sources from many information systems generating large volumes of data that are difficult to structure.

Fragmented reports/analyses created by users in Excel with no broader context and limited data visualisation options.

Non-intuitive user interface discouraging end users from using it effectively.

Extensive diversification of the technologies used, often without interdependence between the different areas of responsibility.

Solutions and services provided

SAP Lumira

SAP Business Objects

Web Intelligence



SAP BI solution at Škoda Auto

Škoda Auto uses ‘cockpits’, or intuitive user interfaces, to clearly display important indicators about the company’s everyday life.

The options for specific indicators, as well as their appearance and placement, are easily configurable. Of course, the display options range from aggregated data to very detailed (“itemized”) reports.

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Examples of implemented cockpits for different areas

  • Key company indicators
    A cockpit designed for top management to present the company’s key indicators from all areas (finance, controlling, production, sales, logistics, human resources etc.).
  • Import
    A cockpit used by Volkswagen Group importers worldwide and for managing the sales network from the perspective of the individual Group brands.
  • Employees
    A cockpit presenting personalised employee data (working time pool, utilisation of leave, etc.). This is intended for individual company employees and serves as a source of information for supervisors at all levels.
  • Projects
    A cockpit focused on global project management in terms of deadlines, budget, quality, resource utilisation, etc.
  • Monitoring of change requests and error messages
    Cockpit for complex management of information systems. Users include not only internal IT departments of the company, but also suppliers of specific information technologies.
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Regarding cooperation with the Sabris team in the areas of process optimization and Business Intelligence, I especially appreciate the emphasis on long-term sustainable successful solutions.
Excellent cooperation is underlined by an individual approach, team spirit, a constructive and effective approach to discussions, and also openness to finding compromises.

Pavel Průša

Project Coordinator, Škoda Auto

Main benefits for the customer

Integration of heterogeneous data sources into a unified platform

Intuitive and straightforward application controls with web-level ease of use

Transforming large volumes of “raw” data into information with real-world utility for managerial decision-making at all levels

Comprehensive search for required information with text prediction and autocomplete

Clear and graphically smooth information visualisation with the ability to easily customise the user interface for a specific user

State-of-the-art technology, with secure and reliable access from anywhere and from any device

About Škoda Auto

škoda auto Mladá Boleslav
Škoda Auto is the largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic. It is headquartered in Mladá Boleslav, where the largest production plant is also located. It has two other production plants in the Czech Republic, namely in Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. It has been part of the German concern Volkswagen Group since 1991.
It employs more than 30 thousand employees and produces 9 model series of cars. In addition to plants in the Czech Republic, production is supplemented by plants in India, Russia and China.