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Innovation in human capital management through paperless HR administration

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Volkswagen Slovakia is part of Volkswagen Group, Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest car manufacturer.
The OpenText solution for paperless HR administration has contributed to a significant improvement of internal HR department services, as well as improved employee relations and GDPR compliance, at Volkswagen Slovakia.

Challenges the customer had to face

Printed employee files stored in one location with limited access

Working with paper poses risks of loss and damage to documents

Storing employee records exclusively in paper form, difficult retrieval, archiving and shredding of documents

The complexity of ensuring compliance of the archive with legislative requirements such as GDPR

Overflowing paper records archive

Complex management and protection of access to HR documents

Solutions and services provided

OpenText Employee File Management

OpenText Records Management

Documents digitization


Deploying a standard solution

The entire project was implemented using the standard OpenText Employee File Management solution, which ensures clear organisation and immediate availability of all important HR documents in the employee’s electronic file.

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Expansion by innovation

During the requirements analysis, several “smart” functionalities were added to the solution, such as the use of QR codes for automatic storage of scanned employment contracts.

GDPR compliance

In 2020, the Records Management extension module was added to the solution to ensure that personal data in employee records is managed and shredded in accordance with the GDPR legislation.

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Benefits of our solution

Secure access to HR documents from anywhere thanks to central electronic storage and setting of required permissions

Automatic saving of documents without manual classification thanks to QR code on forms generated from SAP

Significant reduction in costs of manual archiving

Accelerated document accessibility with parametric search

Significant reduction of the administrative burden on the HR department

GDPR compliance through monitoring of shredding deadlines and semi-automatic deletion of documents from the archive

About Volkswagen Slovakia

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Volkswagen Slovakia is one of the highest-performing companies in Slovakia, where it has been operating since 1991. Its plants employ thousands of employees, who are indispensable in the automotive segment.

The Bratislava plant produces top-of-the-range passenger cars such as the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, VW Touareg; the plant in Martin produces components for the brand’s cars. Volkswagen Slovakia is part of Volkswagen Group, Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest car manufacturer.

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