S2AP for Food

The food market is saturated with manufacturers and products. The quality and price is the key for growth or even just maintenance of the current position. In the tough competitive environment both can be maintained only by increasing the efficiency of all business processes. This is the area that Sabris solution S2AP for Food will help you with.

With S2AP for Food solution you get more than just a comprehensive information system. It is based on the SAP S/4 HANA platform, which contains the know-how of leading global corporations and their experience with the management processes. It is "squared" by our years of experience in the food and especially meat production and our own set of applications for support of industry-specific processes.

Demand planning and statistical predictions

Pressure to reduce inventory levels requires accurate and flexible demand planning. S2AP for Food covers the entire process of demand planning based on current data and statistical predictions of future development, includes inventory control and availability of raw materials, including cooperation with the supplier. This will allow you to find an effective balance between a flexible supply of customers and the need to reduce inventory quantities.

Development and introduction of new products

The solution includes a set of tools that enable full control over the process of new product development - from the definition of the opportunities and requirements, through development and testing, to the actual start-up of production and distribution.

Quality control and monitoring of material flow

With the help of RFID and barcode readers the S2AP for Food solution provides full control over the movement of the material during the production process (including the batch, concentration, best before date etc.) and full traceability of food material from the input ingredients to the final product. The solution also helps identifying specific critical points, where losses occur, and subsequent measures to minimize these losses. The solution meets all the requirements to ensure food quality and safety, both in terms of legislation and in accordance with the demanding requirements of large chains.

S2AP for Food includes the following processes:

Data collection in production (MES)

The corner stone of the solution is the MES system. It is used for detailed monitoring and registering of production status (work in process, the current state of the machines, hours worked, idle time etc.). It is fully integrated into the S2AP solution and provides the necessary data also to other systems (production management and planning, warehouse management, shipping, data for hourly based wages).

Manufacturing subsystem is designed in a way to minimize operational complexity while maintaining the ability to store data necessary for monitoring material flow and traceability. With this approach, the solution is highly effective and, unlike other systems, does not burden the operation staff with excessive data entry into the system. It provides a user-friendly interface for SAP processes in warehouses and manufacturing operated on the touch terminals.

Weighing server

It provides connection with all the scales in production and also other technological devices, such as aparative classification or roller tracks.


One of the basic building blocks of the meat industry are the processes related to the registration of animals in stables and slaughterhouse. These processes must comply with legislative requirements and meet the high demands of operators for speed, stability and credibility. S2AP for Food solution allows effective implementation of the various steps, including the use of modern technologies such as automation lines or RFID for ensuring traceability.

Cutting room

The entrance and exit to the cutting room is recorded by barcode scanning. The system respects the cutting standards represented by the bills of material. Upon completion of the cutting it is evaluated. The system calculates the likely used cutting standards, allocates to them the materials that entered and exited the cutting room and are therefore recorded in the collection process.

The main benefits of the S2AP for Food industry solution:

  • Significant efficiency increase of the management and running of the company
  • Significantly improvement of the supplier-customer relations management
  • Comprehensive tools for quality management (HAACCP, BRS etc.)
  • Full integration of reverse bills of material
  • Full integration of data processing from production, logistics, purchasing and shipping (weighing and dosing systems, grading equipment, RFID and barcode readers etc.)
  • Post-mortem analysis and yield monitoring throughout the whole production process
  • Planning and forecasts for production and retail

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S2AP is the optimum information system for medium-sized food companies that need to increase their competitiveness by faster, more accurate and more efficient management of their business processes. Do you want to know more details? Contact us.


In S2AP for Food is possible to work with different groups of products, co-products, by-products and waste products. It integrates full support for standard and reverse bills of material, work with recipes and concentrations and monitoring of all processes in two units of measure. You can track yield, cost and decreases in production separately for each cost center.

Packaging and labeling

Preparation of the unwrapped intermediate output pieces is followed by the packaging, which includes the operations of cutting, packaging and labeling. S2AP for Food solution is ready for direct or indirect connection with the labeling machines.

Sales, shipping and transportation

The sales department is focused on the most effective way to store and process purchase orders and communication with customer. Storing of the purchase order is carried out according to customer requirements. The solution includes call center with automatic caller identification, EDI, TXT etc. Individual orders are allowed as well as summary daily orders, individual material lists, standard and special prices etc.

In expedition the S2AP solution provides the maximum versatility and configurability of workplaces. Vehicle check-in (shipping documents printing and car weighing) takes place either independently on the individual expedition offices, or via a central control room. The solution is connected to Plantour system.

Warehouse management (WMS)

Warehouse management helps reducing the cost of storage and handling while keeping the highest efficiency. Warehouse planning and monitoring provides detailed view of warehouse operations and staff productivity. Using various strategies for the warehouse operation is possible to achieve optimal load on warehouse and employees. Use of mobile terminals or connection to automated warehouses is a must. In food industry we also support batches and best before dates, which are important parameters to meet customer requirements for traceability and shelf live.

S2AP for Food