Our approach to customers
At Sabris we value our customers and their
decision to work with us. We are interested
in knowing how they evaluate the quality
of our services. Therefore we routinely
perform satisfaction surveys.

Our approach to customers

Ever since our establishment we have helped over 200 companies in various industries improve their business processes, thus helping them grow and prosper.
Read some customers' views of working with us.

With our customers we are trying to maintain a long-term partnership, which is confirmed by the fact that almost 70 % of our existing customers are working with us for more than 3 years.

To better understand our customers and their ever changing needs, we strive to meet them even outside of work projects. During the year we organize for them various educational and social events to improve our mutual cooperation.

We are interested in how our customers view and evaluate the quality of the services we provide so that we may continuously improve them, which is why we regularly perform customer satisfaction surveys.

Overall satisfaction with Sabris expressed 82 % of existing customers who participated in the survey conducted in 2018.

Videos with our customers:

Our approach to customers